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These are assets that;

  1. Have been presumed abandoned and have become unclaimed assets under the provisions of sections 4 to 18 of UFA Act.
  2. Have been transferred to the Authority as unclaimed assets, and ;
  3. Have been deemed under any other law to be unclaimed assets and payable to the Authority, and includes all income, dividend or interest thereon but excludes any lawful charges thereon.

Whereas the Law was enacted in 2011, it applies retrospectively to the date  when the holding institution was incorporated.

  1. Dormant accounts at banks.
  2. Unclaimed deposits and benefits from collapsed institutions.
  3. Unclaimed dividends and interest earned from stocks and shares.
  4. Unclaimed utility deposits in books of power and water companies.
  5. Unclaimed retirement benefits in pension funds.
  6. Unclaimed death benefits and annuities from insurance companies.
  7. Unclaimed bail and bond money deposited in Courts of Law.
  8. Uncollected prize money e.g. from a lottery.

You do not lose any unclaimed financial assets once remitted to the Authority. Indeed, UFAA on behalf of the Government exercise the responsibility of holding assets in the public interest and guarantees you indefinite right of reunification. Next of kin should constantly check status of their deceased relatives. 

Where a safe deposit box is forced open, the Authority shall bear the cost of the forced opening of the box and the repair of the box.

Any person can have unclaimed financial assets.

Upon receipt of a fully supported claim; Original owner claim within 30 days, A Beneficiary claim within 90 days. Please refer to our Service Charter for more details.

There is no deadline for filing a claim with UFAA. Owners can claim their assets at any time.

According to section 3-18 of Unclaimed Financial Assets(UFA) Act, 2011 assets are deemed to be unclaimed where:

i. There is no communication between the owner of the asset and the holder beyond the dormancy period prescribed in the Act

ii. The records of the holder do not reflect the identity of the person enlisted to the assets.

iii. The owner has not transacted with the holder as per the dormancy periods prescribed in the Act.

iv. When the holder has not previously paid or delivered the assets to the owner of the assets.

v. Other causes include:

• Forgetfulness

• Poor record-keeping

• Relocation (Regional & global)

• Death

A holder is an entity that is in possession of a financial asset on behalf of an owner. 

Holders of Unclaimed Assets are required to:

• Make all reasonable efforts to locate the owner and to notify the owner about the assets.

• Send a written notice to the apparent owner at his last known address informing him that the holder is in
possession of the assets.

• Make a report concerning the assets to the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority.

• Cash- Remit qualifying assets to the Unclaimed Assets Trust Fund account at CBK.

• Non- cash- report qualifying assets through the holders reporting portal.



Money order or similar written financial/monetary instrument

2 years from the date of issuance

Traveller’s cheque

2 years from the date of issuance

Cheques, draft or similar instruments

2 years after it was payable or after its issuance

Demand, savings, matured time deposits, funds paid towards the purchase of a share, mutual investment certificate, any other interest in a financial institution.

5 years

Life or endowment insurance policy or annuity contract

2 years after the funds become due

Assets as a result of  demutualization of an insurance policy

2 years after the date of demutualization

Deposits for utility services e.g electricity, water, etc

2 years after termination of the service

Order by a court for a refund by the holder

2 years after it became payable

Ownership interest

3 years

Assets from a dissolved business entity

2 years

Assets held in  a fiduciary capacity

2 years after they become payable

Gift certificate gift card or credit memo/note

5 years

Unpaid wages

1 year after they become payable

Assets held in safe deposit box or repository

2 years after the lease or rental period on the box or repository has expired

Dial *361# or visit find & claim to search your assets.

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Lodge a claim on e-citizen

Fill the appropriate provided claim forms which can be downloaded online ( or picked from UFAA’s offices and should be witnessed by Commissioner of Oaths as appropriate.

✔ 4A- Original Owner Claim

✔ 4B – Beneficiary Claim (Deceased cases)

✔ 4C – Business entity Claim

✔ 4D – Agent for owner claim

✔ Form 5 – Indemnity Agreement form

• Claimants Bank details form and one-page copy of recent Bank statement, deposit/withdrawal slip confirming bank account details provided

• An original official letter from holder confirming remittance of the unclaimed financial assets to the Authority

• Copy of claimant’s National ID card or passport, certified by a lawyer or magistrate

• Copy of claimants KRA PIN Certificate

• Original Affidavit if names differ between National ID, KRA PIN and holders documents or is initialed in any of the

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