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Where the claimant is not the owner but is claiming as an agent on behalf of a living owner, the following are the requirements:
  • Completed and duly commissioned agent for owner claim form ( Form 4D).
  • Completed and duly commissioned indemnity agreement (Form 5).
  • An official letter received from the holder confirming remittance of unclaimed assets to the Authority.
  • Certified copy of the claimant’s national identity card or passport.
  • Copy of claimant’s KRA PIN certificate.
  • Registered power of attorney. (Registered at the Ministry of Lands)
  • Claimant's bank details indicated on claimant bank details form.
  • One page copy of recent bank statement, current deposit slip or withdrawal slip (clearly showing account name and number) to confirm bank account details provided in item 7 above.

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